Raw Honeycomb Mix Flowers


Raw Honeycomb naturally capped in its purest form by honeybees.  Honeycomb is collected in the selected areas filled mixed flowers bloom.  Excellent quality of Honeycomb is produced which is the purest and rawest form of honey, rich in nutritional value and health benefits

16 oz/box

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Assal Apiary is 100% pure raw honeycomb in USA available for sale online with natural flowers juices and purity.

Honeybees produce Honeycomb composed of beeswax, which are hexagon-shaped cells used to store honey. The wax contains very-long-chain fatty acids, along with long-chain alcohols, or esters. The raw honey stored within, is the purest and rawest form of honey, and the wax that is made of has nutritional value and health benefits.

Best Honey Comb produced in selected areas in Georgia mountains filled natural wild flowers and Sourwood trees by a Comb Honey Farm in USA.



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Weight 16 oz


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